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Welcome, fellow user!

I'm Blinchik, GMod animator on Subrocks. I make animations of anything that comes to my head and the ones that people suggest me to make. I also make montages of games, ytp/srp and other stuff. You can find more on About page. If you are interested in my work, feel free to check out these link below:

Main Subrocks Channel | Second Subrocks Channel | Gaming Subrocks Channel
SpaceHey (Probably wont be online lol) | Bwitter (Also probably wont be online)

[ ! ] Latest updates:
[15/10/21] > Changed links size in home page to h1 size! (suggestion by zaiaz)
[13/10/21] > Added projects page!
[30/09/21] > Added fun fact bar! (I took the script from evodesign)
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Blin Storage - Bunch of files I want to be online, cuz why not
Old Versions - List of old versions of website (Currently dosent work)

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