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My website is kinda ded :P

Hello everyone! So, I kinda forgot I had the website, and I probably won't update it, or I would, idk. Don't worry, I am still making content. Also, you might notice that my recent comments dont have (mod) prefix, I have no idea why, the service just don't register me for some reason :P. Thats all for now, goodbye and remember, dying is gay.


A little drama or something idk

Hello everyone! So, today I found out about some people saying that I am moving because of the war and parents? Its probably trolls, maybe from vidlii. I am doing fine and dont plan do leave my place. Tbh, the only reason I am making an article is because I didnt make one since March. Well, anyways, goodbye and remember, dying is gay.


I am back! (maybe)

Hello everyone! I have decided to finally start making animations again, I will upload one to wevidi, since the other alternatives are... questionable. Anyways, here is a funny screenshot of it. As always, goodbye and remember, dying is gay. (oh yea, here's my channel:


wow, I was really unactive there.

Hello everyone and holy cheese, I didnt update this website for like 3 months. Well, I'll probably try to make something new and awesome. Also, if y'all wondering I am doing fine, kinda tired of school and the current world events, but the vacation is coming soon, so yea. Pretty neat. Anyways, goodbye and remember, dying is gay.


My new PC

Hello everyone! I hope you had a good new year, I definitely had. I got parts from PC except videocard (I will soon get that also). Well, I just wanted to boast about this. Anyways, goodbye and remember, dying is gay.


I may return soon!

Hello everyone! After the sad shutdown of subrocks, I decided to stop making content for now and plan what I'm gonna do in the future. Don't get me wrong, making Gmod machinimas were pretty fun, yet was getting tedious. The christmas special was about to be my last video for a while, but since subrocks was shutdown I didn't get a chance to make that video. Now I am thinking about where should I reupload my videos, my options currently are vidlii and bitview. I will upload on both my new vids, yet they wont be just gmod related content, or at least I think they wont. If you have any recommendations on what I should do now, tell me about them in the comment section! Thats gonna be all for now. Goodbye and remember, dying is gay.


Happy holidays!

Hello everyone! Christmas is coming! I dont think anyone will deny that this year was pretty shitty, but also we cant deny that it had some good moments. I hope everyone is having a good time and will have a great time celebrating Christmas! Goodbye and remember, dying is gay. (Also have this little sketch that I made in ms paint xD)


Subrocks is kill

As you may know, on 18 December 2021 subrocks has been shutdown with its discord server. Not gonna lie, it was pretty emotional for me to find out about this. So, what next? As you can guess, I will switch to vidlii and reupload here all the videos, but I dont know if I will actually make more animation. Also I probably wont make christmas special since I am feeling very down right now. I meet many great people on subrocks and I want to thank all of them for being such a great friends. Yet I want to personally thank Zaiaz for inspiring me to make my first machinima.
It was a good run.


V6 website

I redesigned site again, here are some changes:
- Updated the design! (duh)
- Latest article is contained in text file so I dont have to edit every page!
- Remastered some of the pages!
And I guess thats it. I hope ye enjoy!


Christmas special

Hello again! As you may know, I will work on christmas special animation, I will probably upload it on december 28-30. I didnt started yet, so you can suggest maps, stories or models for it using my google form [LINK] or contact me through discord. So, thats it for now. Goodbye and remember, dying is gay.


Finally I made a thing!

Hello again! Finally I made myself to make an animation (Thanks bhief for inspiration :D), a short one but still its already some progress. I'll try to make more but I can't promise, since I still have a lot of homework to do. Oh, and btw I will make a christmas special and I hope i'll do it in time. So, thats it for now. Goodbye and remember, dying is gay.


This is bad.

Hello again. So, my teachers sending us a lot of homework so I may not have much time to make animations (like I had any lol). I will focus more on my gaming channel since lets plays are a lot easier to make and I hope that partner system will start working soon since it allows partners to upload videos with size of 1 GB and its gonna be super helpful (when my gaming channel gets partner xP). Anyways, I decided to test picture embed in articles that you can see right now. So, thats it for now. As always, goodbye and remember, dying is gay.


Why no animations?

Hello again! So, you are all probably wondering where the hell are animations? Well, many reasons really. But main one is my lack of ideas and local problems in general. If you want to share good ideas for animations, you can send them using my google form [LINK] or contact me through discord. So, thats it for now. Goodbye and remember, dying is gay.


Gmod problems

Hello again! So, I cant currently make gmod animations because the game crashes when I try to load any map. I am already working on the issue. But, since I have parts of my scrapped project (You can find it in I will stitch together these clips. So, thats it for now. Goodbye and remember, dying is gay.


New Beta page!

Hello again! I am now making a new design for my website (for 4th time). Its avaliable through the home page and you can say what do you think about it using a poll (The poll is anonymous). So, thats it for now. Goodbye and remember, u are epic.


My little side project

Hello again, I am very sorry for not uploading for a week (school and stuff). I am currently working at my project, it is basically a collection of a bunch of old software etc. I am not going to upload it now since its not done yet and probably gonna be moved to a different hosting service. I will focus more on making videos, so for now the project will be frozen. Goodbye for now and remember, dying is gay.


New website bois!

I was planning to make something like this on old version, but I decided to start from scratch.


We have hit rock bottom!

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