Fun fact:ыEnable JS u dummy. /// Update log: Changed links on top to buttons! /// Latest article: Hello again! So, you are all probably wondering where the hell are animations? Well, many reasons really. But main one is my lack of ideas and local problems in general. If you want to share good ideas for animations, you can send them using my google form [LINK] or contact me through discord. So, thats it for now. Goodbye and remember, dying is gay.

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Welcome, fellow user!

I'm Blinchik, GMod animator on Subrocks. I make animations of anything that comes to my head and the ones that people suggest me to make. I also make montages of games, ytp/srp and other stuff. You can find more on About page. If you are interested in my work, feel free to check out these link below:

Main subrocks Channel | Second Subrocks Channel | Gaming Subrocks Channel | Vidlii Channel
SpaceHey | Bwitter

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[01/11/21] > Changed buttons back to links! (why did I even thought it was a good idea.)
[20/10/21] > Changed links on top to buttons!
[15/10/21] > Updated website to version 4! Yay!
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Blin Storage - Bunch of files I want to be online, cuz why not
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