Fun fact:ыEnable JS u dummy. /// Update log: Added fun fact bar! (I took the script from evodesign) /// Latest article: Hello again, I am very sorry for not uploading for a week (school and stuff). I am currently working at my project, it is basically a collection of a bunch of old software etc. I am not going to upload it now since its not done yet and probably gonna be moved to a different hosting service. I will focus more on making videos, so for now the project will be frozen. Goodbye for now and remember, dying is gay.

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Welcome, fellow user!

I'm Blinchik, GMod animator on Subrocks. I make animations of anything that comes to my head and the ones that people suggest me to make. I also make montages of games, ytp/srp and other stuff. You can find more on About page. If you are interested in my work, feel free to check out these link below:

Main Subrocks Channel
Second Subrocks Channel
Gaming Subrocks Channel
SpaceHey (Probably wont be online lol)
Bwitter (Also probably wont be online)

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