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Update Log

[09/12/21] > Redesigned site again. Check out articles for more info.
[01/11/21] > Removed comment section for mobile
[01/11/21] > Changed buttons back to links! (why did I even thought it was a good idea.)
[20/10/21] > Changed links on top to buttons!
[15/10/21] > Updated website to version 4! Yay!
[15/10/21] > Changed links size in home page to h1 size! (suggestion by zaiaz)
[13/10/21] > Added projects page!
[30/09/21] > Added fun fact bar! (I took the script from evodesign)
[27/09/21] > Fixed fonts!
[27/09/21] > Changed top bar speed from 6 to 8!
[27/09/21] > Added update log!

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